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Dealala! Our name explains our offering we guess! Anyway, if not, free ads and local ads – that is what we are all about… Well, mostly! Dealala is a classifieds website created to provide a social platform that connects Sudanese, helping them buy items in their community while making money off unused possessions, cluttering up houses, vehicles and other such assets.

We are the local marketplace for pretty much everything one wants to find, buy, sell or rent –from vehicles, accommodations, flats to mobile phones, we have it all covered.

In a nutshell: we strive to connect people by bringing the potential buyers and sellers on a reliable advertising platform while enabling them to interact and share their expectations when it comes to:

  • Vehicles: cars, motorcycles, campers – big or small, we have it all
  • Mobile Phones: from androids to iphones, a range of mobiles just a few clicks away
  • Property: buy, sell or rent properties plus all houses, flats and related services too


Business and private advertisements – the list is long, so why not browse through to find or sell something that suits your requirements.
We at Dealala hope to serve and benefit the community for the better, by maintaining our values to provide the highest standard of service.

So, if you’re willing to buy, sell or lease anything in Sudan, get in touch with Dealala and explore the easiest platform to deal.

Furthermore, for any suggestion or inquiry, please reach us on our contact us page or send us an email at info@dealala.net.

We’d be happy to help you!


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